REVOKED: Walmart’s Foundation Permit Killed by City of Miami

The City of Miami revoked Walmart’s foundation building permit in Midtown this week.

The city is keeping tight lipped as to why they revoked Walmart’s permit, but it’s not stopping the retail giant from continuing to build as you can see below in the FB live video from NoWalmartinMidtown.

I’ve been pressing city officials to revoke Walmart’s permit for lacking Unity of Title, that is the right and ownership to build on all of the parcels they need — including one owned by the Midtown Miami Community Development district.

In February, the City Attorney sent an email saying that Walmart was stuck, and their foundation permit was “frozen” but the city refused to revoke permission to build a foundation.

Yesterday, I declared my candidacy for Seat 5 of the Midtown Miami Community Development District in this November’s general election. All registered voters who live in Midtown can vote.

Still waiting for the official reaction from Walmart and the City of Miami, but expecting heavy spin.

By the way, here’s Walmart’s master permits in case you’re worried that they have some other reason to be building.
They don’t.
Residents have created instructions for filing a telephone code enforcement complaint if you see building going on at the site.