Walmart is Stuck

Miami City Attorney Victoria Mendez (courtesy:

City Attorney Victoria Mendez wrote an email just about 60 days ago that you can see below, which we uncovered yesterday in a Sunshine Law records request

Mendez’s email regarding Walmart in Midtown proves something important:

Walmart’s permit is illegal and their project is “frozen.”

We believe that Walmart’s illegal plan is probably forever frozen in its current form.


The email proves that City of Miami’s Director of Planning and Zoning Francisco Garcia gave Walmart an illegal permit, to build onto its neighbors’ properties without permission or legal title to do so.

The email also confirms that in December 2015, the City of Miami issued a ‘Phased Foundation Permit” to Walmart

That kind of Phased Foundation permit is only allowed for single folio construction projects, but this email admits that there are in fact, 3 folios in Walmart’s project.

The City Attorney’s email admits that Walmart doesn’t have any permission to build on those folios either.

What will it take for Walmart to finally pull the plug on this fatally flawed and illegal plan, as we have contented for the last four years???

This is one of the arguments we set forth to the City of Miami’s commission in 2013 in our written appeal.

Hopefully, Walmart will do the right thing and announce that they’ve ceased to pursue their illegal building permit in Midtown any further, and the formal cessation of construction activities.

Find out more at or on Twitter @grantstern or look up #NoWalmartinMidtown

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