You’ll Never Guess Which Republican Senator Just Shot Down His Own Judicial Nominee

Left: Outgoing Florida Senator Marco Rubio, right stalled Federal judicial nominee Mary Barzee FloresIn what can only be called obstruction theater of the absurd, Florida Senator Marco Rubio just crushed President Obama’s nomination of a highly qualified former federal prosecutor and state judge for a federal judgeship — who Rubio himself recommended for the job!

The Republican Senate has become determined to oppose any and everything done by President Obama for partisan reasons — like keeping the Supreme Court missing a member and here’s a singular specimen of the disease, Marco Rubio.

It’s highly unusual for a Senator to block their own appointments, but this seems to be the case according to the Miami Herald:

Rubio’s office told the Miami Herald that he recently issued so-called blue slips triggering confirmation hearings for three Obama-nominated federal judges in Central and North Florida with Republican backgrounds. But the senator refuses to do the same for Barzee Flores, calling her the “wrong person” for the South Florida federal judgeship, without providing specific reasons about her legal credentials.
“Senator Rubio recently returned the blue slip for three judges to fill other vacancies throughout Florida, but he will not return the blue slip on Ms. Barzee Flores,” Rubio’s office said in a statement, which was released to other news media after the Herald requested an update on Barzee Flores’ confirmation hearing.
“Florida has very busy federal courts and Senator Rubio would like to see judicial vacancies filled promptly with consensus picks who can be swiftly confirmed in a period of divided government,” the statement said.

Rubio was the darling of the Tea Party in 2010 and of the establishment by his 2016 presidential run too

One of Republican Jeb Bush’s backers told the Miami Herald:

“Clearly, some huge pressure was put on Rubio to put the knife into Judge Flores, and Rubio will not reveal the real reason for this hypocrisy,” Spencer said. “This is precisely why so many Florida Republicans are fed up with Rubio and the corrosive nature of his big money politics.”
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