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Google Sheets + Cloud Run

In 5 minutes, we’re going to quickly and securely integrate the Google Sheets API to your Cloud Run app. Just copy & paste the documented scripts below.


  1. Download service account credentials
  2. Share Google Sheet with the service account email
  3. Enable the Google Sheets API
  4. Write some Node
  5. Deploy to Cloud Run

Step 1: Download Credentials 🤖

Create a service account and download a key in a new file called creds.json.

Create a service account, download a service account key, and copy the service account’s email. Or use the UI.

2. Share Google Sheet with Service Account 🔗

Create a new Google Sheet if you don’t have one already:

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R Logo + Cloud Run

🅡 is a programming language and environment commonly used for statistical computing, data analytics and scientific research.

The R Functions Framework allows you to write portable R functions that can be easily deployed to Cloud Run.

In this blogpost, we’ll walk through deploying an R service to Cloud Run!

Install R

Install the precompiled binary distribution of R for your operating system at

This will install the R language and rscript CLI.

Install the R extension in VS Code

For easy local testing of R in our IDE, install the R extension from the VS Marketplace:

Test locally

Open the VS Code command palette (⌘⇧P) and type:

R: Run Command in…

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Swift™ + Cloud Run.

Swift (🔗) is an innovative, open source programming language developed by Apple to make software everywhere safer, faster, and more fun to create.

Vapor ( is a non-blocking, event-driven architecture built on top of Apple’s SwiftNIO, written in Swift with a focus on type-safety.

Together, you can build powerful web services that can be hosted on top of Cloud Run. This blogpost will give you a quick start for doing just that.


To use Swift, you need one tool, Xcode. …


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