On another programming forum, Roger learned that Bistup had fallen out of favor with most developers. It was not lightweight enough. Oh, and Claster wasn’t nearly as thin as promised, apparently. So a developer in Switzerland created an alternative (Focrux.js) that was much better.
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Roger Collier

So true! This is one of my biggest frustrations, that people are too quick to fork and create minor variances, rather than contribute back to the original project and develop a more robust, single solution. Too often there seems to be 7 different libraries that do basically the same thing, with only minor variations between them. It strikes me as “impatience”—rushing in and creating a new library rather than taking the time to work together with the project owner to collaborate and dialogue and work out 1 or 2 variants with significant differences/clear purposes. If you’re not living deep in the developer community forums, it’s difficult to determine which ones have good community support, and which ones are just random “one offs.”

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