5 Ways to Increase User Engagement on Your iOS App

When a brand hires an iOS app developer or an iOS app development company, an interactive app with a number of features and an easy-to-use interface is the least of its needs. What every brand ultimately wants is user engagement and given the number of iOS users, the scope is immense.

However, there are some ideas that brands too can implement to encourage users to try out and maintain their app. Here are the best 5 ways to increase user engagement on an iOS app:

Ensure a stellar first interaction

Engagement starts with a user’s very first interaction with an app — which is in the app store itself. So, it’s necessary to have a brilliant app store listing since it’s a brand’s best bet to encourage a stranger to try out the app. The focus should be more on the benefits the app provides than the features it possesses.

Let users try it out

There is no greater put-off than some sort of authentication or login to access an app. No smart brand would ever require the login details to be used upfront. A much better alternative is to let users explore the app as much as possible without any authentication and asking those details only when necessary.

Make speed a must-have feature

In the current digital scenario, speed is not even considered a special feature anymore — it is a prerequisite. What good speed means is that everything going on behind the scenes works really well and the core features are reliable & fast. If an app lags speed, it’s sure to be abandoned in a matter of days.

Don’t neglect push notifications

Any app which sits quietly on a phone for a long period of time is eventually forgotten and deleted. Relevant push notifications every once in a while draw users back to the app. Push notifications today are customizable, meaning that a brand can target platforms, devices, and even users who have carried out certain actions.

Keep the app updated

Any negligence here can drive users away from the app in search of other, better options. Regular updates assure users that you as a brand are committed to your app. It is advisable to plan out a roadmap past v1.0 from the very beginning.

To ensure that only the best product is released to generate the maximum possible user engagement, it is ideal for a brand to hire a proficient iOS development company. Someone with a team of highly skilled and experienced iOS app developers, and also with an experience with a mixture of numerous established brands and start-ups in the past.