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I have decided to practice what I preach so I now blog on a site that is created with Hugo and hosted with firebase over at

So as many folks follow me here thought I’d just give a list of things I’ve been posting there recently:

My top 5 things I wish GCP would shout louder about

A brief tour of policy options and enforcement options for GKE

I downloaded my twitter archive so asked past me questions and explored with a little AI help what future me might tweet

Update: As of June 2019: I am maintaining my collection of flowcharts here

I have no association with any training companies or third parties linking through to this post. These posts are freely available to help folks understand Google Cloud!

I love flowcharts as those of you who have read…

Wow 2 years flew past fast. I had to renew my cert and this time it was gonna take half the allotted time and half the number of questions! Woot. I was also going to actually prep properly this time or at least try !

I now had 2 more…

If you want to do the crossword then please do not read this post !

It’s a year later and maybe it’s about time that I published the answers . I’ve been meaning to do this but never got round to it before.

Key to crossword:

Scroll down! 👇🏽


There are some common application patterns such as a 3-tier web service or an event driven pipeline . GCP provides you with building blocks and managed services to meet your requirements. The foundations you build your application with will be dictated by a number of factors. What type of compute

As part of configuring your GCP organisation and application environment within your organisation you need to consider costs . What happens if you don’t put reasonable limits on auto scaling services? Are you running under utilised resources? …

I often hear folks say they don’t know where to start when looking for info on GCP so I thought I’d collate a list of ways to find stuff out about GCP

Obviously there’s this Search engine thingy you may have heard of it it can be found here

Setting up a support ecosystem is crucial . Subscribe to a support contract GCP has various . You need to ensure you have a well defined process for escalating issues to your cloud provider in this case GCP’s support team and any third parties you use . Contacting support before…

When it comes to maintaining reliability in your systems understanding how your systems typically behave is crucial. Once you understand the typical behaviour you will be in a position to identify the anomalies and act upon them . This requires setting up an appropriate framework for Logging, monitoring & alerting

As part of planning your production environment you also need to have a DR plan. Service-interrupting events can happen at any time. Your network could have an outage, your latest application push might introduce a critical bug, or you might someday have to contend with a natural disaster. …


Chocolate addict - I have it under control really I do. I do stuff involving cloudy tech. Tweets my own so only me to blame, except for retweets.

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