I have decided to practice what I preach so I now blog on a site that is created with Hugo and hosted with firebase over at grumpygrace.dev

So as many folks follow me here thought I’d just give a list of things I’ve been posting there recently:

My top 5 things I wish GCP would shout louder about

A brief tour of policy options and enforcement options for GKE

I downloaded my twitter archive so asked past me questions and explored with a little AI help what future me might tweet

Update: As of June 2019: I am maintaining my collection of flowcharts here

I have no association with any training companies or third parties linking through to this post. These posts are freely available to help folks understand Google Cloud!

I love flowcharts as those of you who have read the previous entries in the series are aware. This is the 3rd collection of GCP related flowcharts in my series. The first of which can be found here and part II here.

I am gobsmacked by how popular the series has been to date and would like to thank you for reading them . I hope this addition to the collection proves to be as useful to you as the others in the series seem to have been! …

Wow 2 years flew past fast. I had to renew my cert and this time it was gonna take half the allotted time and half the number of questions! Woot. I was also going to actually prep properly this time or at least try !

I now had 2 more years hands on experience with GCP since when I took the beta cert. This was good and bad as some stuff I was very very familiar with and others I knew I needed to refresh my knowledge .

So what I decided to do was to figure out what areas I needed to really double down on. So the first thing I did was to take a trial run through some practice questions . …



Chocolate addict - I have it under control really I do. I do stuff involving cloudy tech. Tweets my own so only me to blame, except for retweets.

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