Grapevine World and Austrian Health are launching a pilot project for the Care Manager Portal

Grapevine World, together with Austrian Health, the Vienna-based Medical Service Center, is launching a futuristic pilot project in the networking and dissemination of medical data.

Networking in medicine will become a matter of course in future, and will simplify as well as speed up interactions and cooperation between patients, clinics and medical practitioners. The quick, smooth handling of medical procedures and the efficient exchange of medical data, also beyond geographic borders, is essential to achieving this objective. This view is shared by both initiators of the pilot project, Grapevine World and Austrian Health. The centrepoint of the project, founded upon the comprehensive expertise of Grapevine and the medical competence of Austrian Health, comprises the integration of all relevant processes in a transparent, secure and user-friendly system.

Quickly and safely to diagnosis and the start of therapy

Here is how ‘Medakte’ pilot project works: Registered participants can submit a medical inquiry via the portal, where they can also make details of their findings available in digital format. The network of experts from Austrian Health finds the right specialist and entrusts that person with the matter in hand. On receipt of consent from the patient, that expert can then view the relevant data and, independently of their geographical location, can address a specialist opinion to the patient in question.

Sensitive patient details remain on file at Austrian Health in accordance with the most stringent of security standards. The project is based on IHE methodology (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise), the leading global initiative for standardized data interchange in the healthcare system. This promotes the coordinated application of standards that have already been in use at national level for many years. As well as their own health-related details, patients can if they so wish also manage ‘vital data’ in the portal: Data input is easy, either using an app or manually. In future, there are also plans to provide access to data in the Electronic Health Folder.

Data interchange via the Grapevine Backbone

Through a link with Grapevine Backbone, and via the portal, Austrian Health is able to provide medical specialists with details filed by patients easily and above all securely. The Grapevine Backbone constitutes a merger between software infrastructures in existence around the world, and facilitates globally standardized data interchange on the basis of IHE methodology. The Backbone is available to all private and public-sector organizations. Patients also obtain access via the portal and are therefore able to access, check and manage their internationally recorded healthcare data.

Secure and without complexity thanks to blockchain technology

Blockchain technology assures the smooth and uncomplicated release of data by the patient and also handles billing details. This assures the highest level of security when dealing with sensitive data, because only the patients have full control over the way their personal healthcare data are used.

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