For my final project, I worked on implementing image quilting — generating larger versions of smaller images that approximate the textures of the original image.

Note: We had some issues using OBS to record video, so instead we made GIFs like we’ve done in the past.

We made progress!

Here are the things we definitely have done:

  • Fragment-based lighting (no more silly vertex lighting for us!)
  • Shadow mapping (with some simple PCF for softer edges)
  • FPS camera system (WASD controls, mouselook)
  • Model loading (with diffuse/specular texturing)
  • Skyboxes (not pictured)
  • Basic heightmap-based terrain generation (not pictured)

Things that are in progress:

  • AABB collisions
  • Bump mapping for floor texture
  • Actual portal mechanic (we have stuff setup for it though!!)

We originally wanted some crazy things like SSAO and displacement maps, but we’re not sure we can get it done in time. We’ll see though!

(now back to work, heh)

Woo boy, OpenGL is complicated.

This week was mostly learning what exactly was needed to accomplish our goals for this project. We wanted to use this “modern OpenGL” that we’ve heard mentioned in the past, what seems to be a very shader-based workflow (no more push-poppin’ and auto-lights). Definitely very different from what we’ve covered in class.

Because of that, a lot of convenience classes that we wrote/were written for us no longer completely work. I’ve been working on writing my own convenience classes, which is a great experience because it teaches me a ton more about C++ (especially…

We’re Graphical Blues, and we consist of Jason Lo and Harvey Yu. We hadn’t thought of a project name yet to be honest, so for the time being you can call our project Graphical Blues as well.

Our project is going to be a small first-person exploration game. You’ll start in a desert surrounded by sand and cacti in all directions. You’ll find an archway right in front of you, one that will take you to another world! It’s difficult to explain at this point, we’ll talk more about it later in the post.

We’re going for mostly tricky points:

Graphical Blues

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