Build an contacts app with Flutter, Serverside Dart and MongoDB Cloud Atlas

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After numerous requests to produce a Flutter and MongoDB combo, I’ve devoted the time to produce a fullstack Flutter and MongoDb Cloud mini-course. We will build a contacts list application that manages contacts in MongoDB Cloud Atlas database. We will also implement a Dart backend server for talking to MongoDB datastore. This app will be built for both Flutter mobile and web platforms.

Getting started

You will need a MongoDB Cloud Account to create a Project and Cluster. This will give us an environment with MongoDB installed and a user to connect to that MongoDB instance.

The contents of the mini-course are as…

Best of both worlds! Learn how to build an Image Upload App

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Becoming a full-stack developer requires a hand in all layers of the application development stack. This includes Frontend, Backend, Database and Infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services used by Google and external business for running various kinds of software. This platform contains relevant services allowing us to be effective in building full-stack applications.

In this mini course we will build an Image Upload Mobile App using a couple of Dart packages primarily gcloud and googleapis_auth. These packages provide a set of helper classes for connecting to Google Cloud Platform services.

We will be using the Flutter SDK to build our mobile app since it provides a great set of features and tools for building cross-platform mobile applications. It also makes sense to be using Flutter as it’s also written in Dart…

Your guide for getting started

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Picking the right tools for development is important when building a good app. The common mantra “write once, deploy everywhere” has proven to be effective from solutions like Phonegap or Ionic or NativeScript.

Flutter is a contender by Google designed to enable developers to build cross-platform applications. These applications will run on the web, mobile and desktop. It’s also written in Dart, which makes it easy to pick up in a couple of hours.

Flutter is mainly inspired by React with some noteworthy improvements. For example apps written for mobile are compiled ahead-of-time to machine code, so that means that the underlying language the app was written in does not enter production. …


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