Weekly Design Roundup

Here are a few designs that caught my eye this past week ..

If you’re looking for pumpkin carving stencils then go to Carnival of the Zombie Pumpkins. The logo is spooky enough yet still playful. I enjoy the carnival theme of the background with the stripes and the navigation banners that appear when you click. It’s very clear as far as what the site is all about. Most importantly, there are a ton of patterns to choose from. Check it out at https://www.zombiepumpkins.com.

If you are familiar with Field Notes, then you inadvertently know Aaron James Draplin. He co-founded Field Notes and has his own design company called Draplin Design. I came across the above image on Instagram recently and immediately fell in love with it. It’s a promo image for one of his events. The colors feel very warm and fall. I love the the bat shapes kind of form a pumpkin shape when they are stacked on eachother. It’s also a very retro design but still modern. So in love! Check out his website at http://www.draplin.com.

Microsoft recently announced their Surface Studio which is a 28” desktop computer that also acts as a giant touch screen tablet. It’s mostly geared towards artists and professionals as the $3,000 price tag is a bit steep for your average consumer. It’s a direct competitor to the iMac but we’ll see how it does when it goes on sale. I’m intrigued but not convinced with leaving the Apple ecosystem for a Microsoft product. Read more about it at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/devices/surface-studio.

Every year the Northhalsted Business Alliance puts on a Halloween Parade in Boystown here in Chicago. Last year’s theme was “Magic” and this year’s theme is “Scream Queen!”. The image of a bloodied woman wearing a crown is literal and very fitting for the event. My only concern is that the handprint is a bit hard to read in the background. The fact that it’s black and white with a pop of red for the blood makes it very impactful.

I love how gestural and vibrant this phrase design is. Check out more of Erik Marinovich’s work at http://friendsoftype.com/author/erik/.

Figgin’ Fruit is a line of fig-based snacks that come in various flavors. The packaging reminds me of those old school Jerry Sailor tattoos. The style is very illustrative and playful. Their tagline of “Big Taste, Small Bites!” is reinforced by the image of the muscled sailor putting this tiny snack into his mouth. I love the vibrant colors and would definitely pick this up if I passed it in the store. Check them out at http://hellodelicious.com/figgin-fruit.

Until next time ..

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