What I learned at DevCon 2022 Mauritius

3 min readNov 24, 2022


Developers Conference 2022 just ended today after 3 days of awe and a whole spectrum of goodness. Here’s what I really liked about it and why you should fucking attend this healthy dopamine-releasing and eye-opening event.

  1. First things first: what happened first was this: a lot of times I happen to think pessimistically about the future of Mauritius and how it is filled with corrupt and incompetent people. That event just gave me hope, there are just tons of people that are very professional about their work and have done significant contributions. They are definitely respected by their peers and their skills are valued. I got to see the world of professionals in those three days where technical competence and communication danced together to deliver inspiring messages. Broke my flawed perception of the world.

2. The best thing I heard: “Retire at 30 and rich” It is not uncommon to come across ambitious goals around the entrepreneur realm. This one felt different though. I am guessing the whole delivery by Mr. Vidush Namah was so inspiring and driven by pure competence and experience that his words held a certain weight. The weight of urgency in one’s life. He explained that time is going by and we are dying. He said he lived as if he is going to die at 30. I have moved away from philosophy but this one is very useful to kill overthinking. We do waste a lot of time in fear or guilt. I know I do. Urgency kills mulling over the past and fear of uncertainty. Urgency feels exciting. I’ll have to try that for sure(starting by not postponing this post lol)

3. Actual help: The events had QA sessions and I made use of that to ask about some problems I had when I was doing some light web scraping. It turned out that somebody knew exactly what to tell me and not only that, he also knew what I was doing wrong. My problem was solved in 2 mins. I was like wow. I had always tried to find answers on my own but in this case, taking the help of an expert was just super beneficial.

I always thought that I was alone in this path-finding journey of life. I mean we are, but sometimes people do come along and shine a light and we could not be more grateful.

I found out there are way more opportunities in this world than you can think of. The fact that you are in control of your own competence is probably the most exhilarating aspect and I found that quality in all the speakers. They worked their ass off, they were passionate about providing solutions and I think that drives the world. Just good work, beyond reproach.

4. For the love of goodies: a no-brainer! xD

5. Connecting with people: laughing at jokes, being a part of something and some light flirting is healthy for the heart. People are nice.

6. Caudan Arts is a damn good place to host such an event. ( mo senti mwa pro XD)

I hope to go again next year! Hopefully, I'll develop more skills and fit in xD This conference got me excited and I have to thank everyone who was responsible for the making of this fantastic event. Seee yaaa.




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