Questions to Ask for Feedback on Performance During Employee Reviews


Regardless of whether you are an employee or a manager, performance reviews can be both daunting and stressful. They can be made even more difficult if there are problems that need to be discussed. However, they don`t need to be. By having the right attitude, asking the right questions and looking at the review as a chance to communicate and improve the company`s performance, performance reviews can be an extremely positive experience.

Questions to Ask for Feedback on Performance

Employee reviews are an opportunity for both employees and employers to ask questions and get feedback on performance. This is why it is important that you understand what performance review questions to ask. Performance appraisal questions for managers to ask their employees can help them to not only improve the way that they are managing, but also help the individual employees improve. Likewise, the employees should also be given the chance to ask questions to their managers to ensure that they get value out of their performance review.

Performance Reviews for Employees

Employees often feel that performance reviews are the opportunity for managers to criticize them. This shouldn’t be the case. It is important that managers go into the review with the intent of communicating to resolve any issues whilst helping the employee to further their career.

An employee should go into their review with some questions to ask for feedback on his or her performance. Get valuable information from your review by asking the following employee review questions:

  • What’s one thing that I’m doing well with and should carry on doing? — This starts the review with a positive discussion. This will give your manager the opportunity to recognize your success since the last performance review.
  • What’s one thing that I could do to be more effectively? — This shows that you wish and are eager to improve. No matter how many years you’ve worked at a company, there will always be areas to improve.
  • What can I do to help take the company forward? — This shows that you care about the company and its future. It will let your manager know that you have long-term intentions with the company.
  • How can I make your job easier? — This shows that you are aware that they have a difficult job, and lets them know that you are there to support their efforts.
  • When will my next performance review be? — This shows that you are motivated and keen to improve. Managers like to see employees who have this demeanour.

Performance Appraisal Questions to Ask Employees

Choosing the right employee review questions can make the difference between a constructive and non-constructive review. By asking the wrong questions in the wrong way, you can find that your employees become demotivated. According to a survey about performance management by Mercer, only 6% managers have good skills at executing honest performance reviews.

Before you start, it is essential that you are prepared and go in with the facts to back up your points. Want your performance to have a positive outcome for both the employee and manager? Here are the performance review questions to ask:

  • How can I make your job easier? This shows empathy — which is great for building bonds — as well as giving you the chance to improve the company`s performance. Ask if there are extra tools or training that can help to deliver a better performance.
  • What are your greatest achievements this year? — This will start the review on a positive note, helping to create a good bond and allowing managers to understand another side to the employee.
  • Where do you think you need improvement? — This helps the employee to self-criticise and perhaps make it easier to discuss some issues.
  • What are your goals in the short term? — This will help you to see who wants to get ahead and what motivates them.
  • Where do you want your next position in the company to be? — This gives them a chance to expand on where they want to go as well as giving the company the chance to show that they care about the employee`s future.

By asking the right questions in an employee review, this potentially destructive meeting can turn into an incredibly positive one. By knowing the right performance review questions to ask, the manager can put across important information that will improve performance, and the employee will feel cared for and that they have a future in the company.

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