I recently decided to publish an NPM module. I wrote it in TypeScript and went with Rollup for bundling. It was my first time publishing a module and my first experience with Rollup, so I’d like to write a tutorial on how to do it, both as a reference for myself and for anyone who may find this useful. Let’s get started!

Why TypeScript and Rollup

I went with TypeScript for several reasons. It’s what I use at work, so I’m not only familiar with it, but it’s always good to hone my skills, especially since I’m not necessarily a TypeScript expert (yet). I’m also a fan of types for a number of reasons, and compile-time errors are invaluable.


Gerard O'Neill

Just a crazy kid whose thoughts may get him in trouble one day. Nothing I say reflects the opinions of people who pay me. https://grardb.com

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