Dribbble and The Creation of The Useless Designer
Michael Abehsera

I partly agree with you, in Dribbble there’s plenty of designs that completely ‘forgot’ about UX. They make me cringe, because I know how much I struggle designing something that actually makes sense and looks pretty without over-cluttering it with the necessary interface. Then Mr EasyWin comes and wows everyone with his unusable widget. Dribbble is becoming more and more just a window where experience is secondary and interface is in the spotlight. You see things completely out of context. Nonsense. But Beautiful. I mean… Yoda! Someone spent at least a weekend making a Yoda! …Damn! Still, as a designer, I can find inspiration even in those dreadful designs because I guess I know what to expect and I don’t look at the context but I focus on the small detail. The icon choice or the font choice, for instance. Sometimes I also appreciate the creativity of coming up with ‘problems’ that don’t exist. That Mars widget for example, you shouldn’t take it so literally. It’s just copy, it could be anything else: Cuba, Singapore or Mars, just look at design elements. I personally try to take just that little bit I need. But I know, if I were a developer, most probably I wouldn’t be able to look at things without an overly critical eye.

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