By Laksh, An Analytical Thought Leader, AIML Practitioner and Autodidact

A conscious check on the self, system, and society drives life’s excellence.

Daniel Goleman blows out the importance of inner, outer and other focus.

A triple Focus comprises of listening to the inner self, listen to others and make others listen to you.

Here is a checklist set to simplify your Focus.

Develop an insatiable hunger for learning. Learning makes you young and fittest.

Here are the books listed from my Kindle, which will definitely help you to transform yourself into a Data Geek.

Organisations generate various business, operational, legal, market and financial documents.

They are namely, business highlights, financial highlights, legal documents, market highlights, and key financial analysis, corporate policies & procedures, industrial overviews, audit or risk reports, annual reports, executive summary, media blogs and organisational announcements and so on.

Let's collect all the narrative text in one or more of the above forms of documents about a corporate firm. Then feed them to a D-NLP Model.

The model would get the text passages neatly classified as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

We will be using a BERT Supervised Model for this purpose.

Workplace as we used to realize it, quite frankly, is dead. I am able to hear a Big “No”​ from many.

Can business leaders create a replacement work world which will keep employees both happy and productive?

We do crave the return of in-person social connections in the office, they have become accustomed to the flexibility that comes with virtual work.

We argue that from less time to commute to more time with kids and pets. Many suggest occasional visits to the office for real-time connections with colleagues but will prefer to maintain their at-home work lifestyle.

What is the…

This is intended for those who are very familiar with web scraping from HTML sites.

If you can’t get the chance to learn, here you go for the Beginner course to Web scraping websites.

We do not often need the entire website to be crawled. We need specific sections of the site where you want to extract specific types of information (only <a> tags) using Beautifulsoup4. The SoupStrainer class allows parsing only a specific part of an incoming document.

One way is to create a SoupStrainer and pass it on to the Beautifulsoup4 constructor as the parse_only argument.

Let me…

Sarcasm is a great way to get a laugh and make the best of a bad situation. Being sarcastic is easier than you think. Listen carefully to the way other sarcastic people speak, and look for creative ways to be sarcastic in everyday situations. Just remember, if you are sarcastic at the wrong time or with the wrong person, you may end up hurting someone’s feelings, so tread lightly and don’t overdo it. This is not a Sarcasm guide. Let us get back to the topic.

Here you find the collection of all articles, working papers, citations and datasets related…

Bhagavadgita is a Medical Prescription for treating chronic stress !

Life haunts us by kept oscillating the momentum between tada and tadung. Then it is our duty to be kind to our mind. This is what Bhagavad Gita explains to us.

Arjuna, was the most panic one, who was on the war foot, where his whole world, kith and kins, standing against him to defeat him.

Arjuna walks to the centre of the battle field and looks both side. It appears that he has to kill his own men, be it success or defeat at the end. …

Save your energy spent scrupulously!

Do not hide weaknesses or limitations

Do not skyrocket when one praise

Do not blow out or bow out

Do not dismiss criticism

Do not downplay your pain

Do not seek revenge

Do not silence others

Do not deny your responsibility

Do not avoid confrontation

Do not confuse kindness for weakness

Do not exaggerate your importance

Do not fear others’ success

For any visual communication, these 7 questions are more relevant.

What is my goal?

Always we have to focus on the objective of the presentations. Often we try to put too much content. We do think that “all are important”. Really? Then What is the meaning of “important”.

To Whom am I presenting this for?

We need to learn the famous “Film Trailer” Strategy. The Film trailer should not tell how many times our Favourite Hero or Heroin failed in a Dialogue. It would not speak what is the cost of making the movie or those Artist does not know dancing or Singing.

They can be spoken on a special show…

Analytics is not new science – the ancient text of Saint Thiruvalluvar, prescribes the code and conduct of data driven decision making in his holy text, Thirukkural.

The whole text is an analytical work on human life. The spiritual, material and sexual life has been broken up into 130 topics and 10 couplets each, contributed 1330 couplets.

Here few references of them which holds good to be a great decision scientist.

Find the Underlying Truth ( Data Hindsight)

எப்பொருள் யார்யார்வாய்க் கேட்பினும் அப்பொருள்

மெய்ப்பொருள் காண்ப தறிவு.

எந்தப் பொருளைப் பற்றியும், எவரெவரிடமிருந்து கேட்பதானாலும், அப் பொருளினது மெய்யான தன்மைகளைக் காண்பதுதான் அறிவு ஆகும்

The mark of…

Lakahminarasimhan S

Lakshminarasimhan, is CEO and Founder of Graspinor. Graspinor is a renowned Brand for AIML consulting. It was founded in 2019 and operating out of Chennai.

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