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Hey Hoppers! Wanted to draft up a quick announcement for a new feature going live!

Long story short — we’ve unlocked the ability to Critically Craft all of our BP weapons!

Starting now, every blueprint craft will also incorporate your Critical Crafting chance for a shot at a brand new Exquisite Weapon, which will be live on Jumpnet! This allows us to continue expanding while we’re waiting on the Enjin token bridge for some of these Mainnet items! …

Hey Hoppers! Wanted to drop a short article truly encompassing every aspect of the Pirate Boss ecosystem created, and share some of the ideas we have been brainstorming on interlacing a lot of Hopper gameplay mechanics! Let’s dive right in!

Players were first introduced to the Pirate Ecosystem with the launch of our World Boss feature about 1 month ago! This is our first player-driven economic staple that features World Boss NFTs owned by the players, getting hosted each day to get attacked by everyone. Each Boss would have a nominal entry fee, and guarantee a couple pieces of Pirate-themed…

Hey everyone! Here to announce the winners for the World Boss Launch giveaway!

There were 2 giveaways ongoing until September 1st for the launch of our
World Boss player-owned NFTs ingame. One tied to deposits made during the month, and the other tied to damage dealt to the bosses. Winners were picked on a raffle system with their deposit amount/total boss damage as their weighted chance of winning.

Our top 10 damagers dealt a whopping 131 MILLION damage to the world bosses over the last 4 weeks!!

Here are the giveaway winners and what they won! Winners, keep your eyes…

Hey Hoppers!

Quick update on the brand new Beginner Bundles launched! We added multiple bundles to really help players that want to emphasize a certain part of their Farm, or get going easier and cheaper than the old bundle.

Here are all of the details!

Chill & Earn Bundle — 10 Helpers, 1 Newbie Garbagemen — $10 HOPS — limit 5x

Super Quester Bundle — 10 Helpers, Ninja/Jumpy, Zoo/Brew — $20 HOPS — limit 2x

ForgeyBoi Bundle — 25x all Special Resource, Kitchen/Blacksmith, 1000 all Resources/Nugs — $20 HOPS — limit 3x

Mecha Bundle — 1x Mecha Hopper, 2x Random…

Hey there Hoppers! Wanted to start of this article that less than 1 week remains on the deposit and World Boss damage promotions. Make a deposit or beat up some bosses this next week to be entered into 2 different giveaways with the chance to own a World Boss token of your own and sit back while you generate some ingame revenue and rewards! Full giveaway details here.

Now is a time for joyous celebration, as the first user has found one of Reddbeard’s Special Treasure Maps! This Map will unlock the Pirate Society and Battle Quest, where users can…

Ahoy Hoppies! It’s about time for some pillage and plunder!

1 week from today, on August 8th, our World Boss system will go live! The World Bosses are a suite of player owned tokens, that will cycle through a daily schedule of player attacks and give sweet loot to every participant! Some of that loot includes exclusive Hoppers, new Base Assault outposts, a new Unique Pirate Weapon, a Pirate Mecha Gearset, and more!!

Good morning Hopper Farmers!

Wanted to drop a brief article on some Grasshopper Upgrades, some recent additions over the past couple of weeks, and everything on the agenda!

Will keep this brief and hopefully just be able to keep people more informed about any recent changes that might get drowned out in Telegram!

  • Wallet linking + Enjin Daemon are operational, meaning Jumpnet mints should be rolling if you have your Jumpnet wallet linked and meet the minimum 100 Quest completion requirement. You can make sure your wallet is linked by heading to the Wallet Linking menu in the Account menu.

What’s up everyone! The Lightsaber Wars are about to begin, and it is time to get super hyped for a month-long Lightsaber extravaganza! I’m very excited at the potential of this event, and want it to be stuffed to the brim with exciting opportunities and fun prizes!

The core of the event will have players choosing between Good and Evil, in the ongoing intergalactic Lightsaber War. Players will earn points for their side by completing Battle Quests with their Lightsaber Hoppers, and the side with the most points at the reset on the night of June 5th will be crowned…

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