Catch up time… day 2

Roncesville to Zubiri- a shorter day only 21km ( haha thought I’d never say that!

As you see a lot of walking was through the bush. The landscape is this unexpected never ending beauty. You just never know what you will find round the next corner!

The weather continues to be beautiful still hot but the wooded areas brought much cooler relief or and so did sticking out feet in the ice cold water

We landed in Zubiri at around 4:00ish and found our way to our Albergue, very nice

Now I have to admit the sleeping adventures so far have not been a great experience. Me being a very light sleeper has meant not to much sleep not to mention not having really good ear plugs to block out those musical night choirs in our many bed room, if you know what I mean!

Day 3 with our packs!

Zubiri to Pamplona 20 km with pack and our first rain.

Today was a bit of a struggle for me even though the km was low. I kept thinking about how the weight on my back felt so heavy, how it hurt so much then reflect on how much weight I carry in my life! Yikes more tears… the Camino brings a lot out when you walk her path. And then this appears

Then I realized that all my struggles pretty much lead to rainbows as long I just walk one step at a time. Well sometimes there is a bit of rain!!!

We did make great time today arriving at 2:00 and also at this lovely pod albergue in Pamplona. It was a good day and am looking forward to some good sleep with my new earplugs

Buenos Noches

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