The Ups & Downs

When one walks the Camino one best be ready for what she has to offer you … the trek Santo Domingo to Belorado 23 km and a good one it was! Do you ever wake up and know that it is going to be a great day, well that that it was body, mind spirit in check! Speaking of which it is told that the Camino unfolds in 3 parts- the first part relates to the physical body and the transition with its varying terrains, mountains and forests… the second part which can be described as the Camino flatlands is when the mind kicks in ( mind you it is there in the first trying to talk your body through it!!!!) here the mind begins to rear it’s beautiful head and the thoughts come fast and furious as you walk the same flat scenery for kilometres… the last part of the journey is sitting in the seat of your soul, you have gone through all that you need in order to find your inner home. It is a very beautiful journey but a tough one as well. This is not a vacation of sort but a tour of your life.

Last night we stayed in this beautiful albergue that served the best meal yet, I felt like I was eating at home!!! ( that’s right Jess good food!) even the dogs lived just hanging out!

My journey today from Belorado to Agnes 28 km was my hump day for body and emotions. It was a dreary up hill climb with my loneliness… my my the places a walk takes you and I knew it was a place I need to go. My heart was heavy and my dreams sad, how can I be in a beautiful life and feel this sadness??? What part of me is holding on to this which my soul so definitely wants to heal it and let go… I walked through the clouds just wanting to wail and then I reached the top, a break through.. Maybe a step back to my heart, absolutely… I love the walk and fear it all in the same breathe.

My body hit its wall today with my ankle giving me grief, the first time since I started by the end of the day could hardly finish it but did… the determination of the Camino! Not to mention we got the last rooms in Ages ( and they are not in the barn but one might think they are!!) the room Gods where with us… tomorrow nothing but sunshine

Buen Camino

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