10 things Ashley Madison cheating website ranks high for.

Ashley Madison cheating website, the AirBnB of sex, sleep in any city with anyone, can now claim a number of superlatives. Freshly released dumps of the married hookup website are revealing it may be the most reliable place to find the:

1- Highest number of politicians anywhere.
2- Highest number of devout Christians. Of course all sinners belong in church and all God loving, God fearing people belong on Ashley Madison.
3- Highest number of employed people who are not working.
4- Highest number of married men anywhere.
5- Highest number of men posing as women anywhere.

Ashley Madison may also be causing the
6- Highest number of spousal fights.
7- Highest number of divorces.
8- The largest number of credit cards reported stolen.
9- The highest number of credit card cancellation requests.
10-Last but not least, and by its own admission, Ashley Madison has the largest number of spouse cheaters in the world.

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