Is Twitter A Waste Of Time For Most Bloggers?

Garrett Schultz
May 22 · 3 min read

Remember back in 2009 when you could post on Twitter and actually be seen? I sure as heck do! You could sign in, tweet something cool, leave a few hashtags, and you’d get a decent amount of engagement!

But now it’s 2019 and that’s hardly the case anymore.

You see, I started my business in 2016 and it used to just be a local business. We’re partnered with all kinds of different niche shops in our area and we would test and review their products and give recommendations to the public on the top 5 for that given niche.

We still do this and we not have an actual testing facility that we test our products in as well. What’s different about us now is we recently joined the online world.

Now we provide the same information and recommend these top 5 products in the form of blog articles. We also hired an SEO expert so we’ve never had an issue with organic search traffic whatsoever.

We also started diving into social media marketing as well. Most social platforms are great for sharing our information. But, there’s one platform that has never worked for us and has always been extremely negative in our favor. That platform would be TWITTER!

Why Twitter Doesn’t Work For Most Bloggers

Our main goal on Twitter is to share our blog posts in a creative way. We also want to help people in their search for the best products in various niches.

We thought Twitter would be great for this. But as it turns out, that’s not the case.

The biggest thing we noticed about Twitter is that everyone is doing the exact same thing! Twitter is one giant space for people to promote themselves and that’s it.

We also noticed that people are extremely selfish on Twitter. They’ll do whatever it takes just to get a few likes or retweets that lead to …. you guessed it ….. NOTHING!

The problem with Twitter is that nobody engages with others. During our time on Twitter, we’ve seen thousands of people trying to speak their mind, say something cool, or post a well curated article, but nobody engages with them.

So Why Is Twitter A Waste Of Time For Most Bloggers?

Most bloggers are trying to make money with their blogs. I mean, it’s 2019 and the majority of people aren’t blogging just for fun anymore. Let’s be honest here.

This whole thing has to do with time management. Think about it for a second. Are you a blogger who tweets 15+ tweets per day trying to build an audience? How much time in total do you spend curating those tweets each day?

I know for us we’d spend at least 2 hours every day in total just creating the content to go along with our tweets. That’s 10 hours/week wasted!

Now ask yourself this, are those 2 hours really worth 0 engagement? Or could you be doing something else in those 2 hours that would benefit your blog in a much better way?

You could spend that extra 10 hours each week making your old posts better, ranking higher for different keywords, or anything really! Social media traffic is considered temporary traffic. Why not spend that time on growing your organic traffic for the long run instead?

Don’t waste your time on a platform that simply does not work.

To The Haters | This Is For You

I know there are haters out there, they’re everywhere. The second someone disagrees, they’ll chime in and give their two cents.

Look, if you disagree with me and you’re flying high and mighty on Twitter, then just skip this post and ignore it, that’s all you gotta do.

I realize not everyone has this same issue and that’s cool and everything but from what I’ve seen, hundreds upon hundreds of bloggers get ZERO engagement on Twitter. And these same bloggers continue to post on the platform day in and day out, sometimes up to 30 tweets per day.

Don’t waste your time.

If you want to grow your blog, do something different that will actually help you grow for the long term. Don’t focus so much on the temporary traffic channels.

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