The Remain cause, and Lord Adonis
Owen Jones

Owen, as many of these comments point out, the missing thing from your rant is any mention of acceptable (to you) left-wing leaders who are speaking out clearly against the Brexit disaster. Why is the left sitting this one out? Just as the left failed to speak out against invading Iraq. Demonising Blair alone for that tragedy is one way of excusing the many “left-wing” MPs whose votes let him do it. If Brexit does go through the left will carry a huge share of the blame — and in the end will suffer for it.

The democratic issue is real and serious. Having decided on Brexit on the basis of a referendum we will need a second referendum to reverse the decision legitimately — or not if the vote goes the other way. Labour Remainers should unite in demanding that option. How many of them have the courage to do that — or is the hard work being left to us derided centrists?

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