Bitcoin adoption around the world…

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I just decided this morning to have a look at CoinMap to see where people can use bitcoins to pay for goods do other transactions in my region. I decided to zoom out a bit and see the world, from a bitcoin users perspective. Here is what I saw : screenshot

The most obvious thing is that I won’t be using bitcoins to pay for things in Antarctica or Greenland. But Iceland, definitely.

Now of course, it seems evident that the western world (and in particular Europe and North America) are big users of bitcoin. But note that even in China where the government had tried to make it illegal at a time, there are pockets of places where you can use it. South America has a few countries well covered. Australia on the Eastern Coast, South Africa. Quite a few places.

I know of people who have decided to go traveling around the world only paying with bitcoins (that includes hotels, food, traveling…). There’s clearly quite a few places to visit. One of these people even went to the one brothel in Geneva accepting bitcoins for payment!

And no… bitcoin payments aren’t anonymous. They’re very convenient, totally global, border-less… but certainly not anonymous.

So where are you going to use your bitcoins next?

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