The Straight Men Who Want Nothing to Do With Women
C. Brian Smith

This article is nothing but another example of cultural Marxism. It seeks to further the divide between men and women with the goal that someday tyrants will be able to conquer and control a defenseless population of sheep. Hegel, Machiavelli, and Marx would be so proud.

While this pseudo-intellectual, referring to the author of the above article, slaves away for his shitty paycheck his overlords inch ever closer to ensuring his absolute servitude.

Allow me to shine the light on some of this toxic, irrational, and divisive garbage that has been promulgated by this article. As a side note, I’d hardly find any person with a sociology degree with a focus in “gender or women’s studies” (aka feminazism) as credible (more like laughable). Also, it is important to read this with the cultural Marxist lens of critical theory, which seeks to divide the masses by pitting races and genders against each other (e.g. minorities vs the majority, men vs women, LGBT vs heterosexuals, white heterosexual males vs everybody else etc.).

Women are most certainly given preferential treatment in today’s ultra “progressive” society. It does not matter that women prefer to work in different fields than men do (e.g. Tech). It does not matter that they are underrepresented in laborious jobs, like construction. The tyrants use this as a nonsensical and irrational example of how white heterosexual men are sexists and misogynists and the only way that the lack of women in tech and engineering can be explained is that there must be a suppressive patriarchy causing this.

To hell with the data that shows women are dominating in the medical and biological career fields or the data that show their interests lie outside of certain fields. We must enact legislation/executive orders (i.e. taxpayer money) that kill the white male racist/sexist patriarchy and promote women into fields they have little to no interest in because they are clearly being barred from entering these fields… right? We must force women into careers they don’t want because that is true equality! Let’s just conveniently forget the fact women have had equal rights for many decades now.

Oh, this is a good one, ‘When women successfully integrate into a masculine domain, their growing presence makes it unappealing to some men.’ Yeah, because, as previously mentioned, they’re taking over all the physically demanding jobs… Give me a break. I’d like to see the pseudo-scientific data Lisa Wade referenced or produced to come up with that irrational opinion.

I’m actually very surprised that you didn’t somehow attempt to tie in the blatant lie called the “Gender pay gap” caused by the invisible and systemic white male patriarchy. However, I do see that you tried to take MGTOW out of context by implying they condone rape. I most certainly don’t think they condone rape. What they don’t condone are the dishonest and blatantly erroneous advocacy statistics about rape. For example, the dishonest and nonfactual stat that says 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted during their time in college.

Now, with all this divisive garbage being exposed why would men turn their backs on women? Maybe it’s because the majority of women don’t stand-up to these brainwashed feminazi fascists. Perhaps they’d rather reap these perceived benefits they receive from these zealots rather than do the right thing and vote to kick these toxic women out of our government. They’d rather open their legs to multiple men until their mid 30s and after their motherly instinct kicks in then they decide they want a family. They’d rather join a sorority and conduct themselves in a sexually perverted manner with other women and men during college because that’s “normal”. Because all men want to do during college is get drunk, watch women fondle each other and slay that pussy… right? Young men couldn’t possibly want to find a lifelong female partner during college.

The aforementioned is why men are turning their backs on traditional relationships. The government no longer allows heterosexual men to pursue a healthy and fruitful relationship with women anymore. If these tyrants continue to legislate unfair, tyrannical, and overreaching laws on men these types of groups (MGTOW) will only grow because they are seeking to balance out the injustices that are being done to them. The unfortunate thing is that I think MGTOW is also dividing the sexes. The only way this destructive path can be stopped and reversed is if we get big brother out of our lives and restore justice as it was intended to be, fair and impartial.