Start Using a Password Vault — Now!
Leo Notenboom

‘… I tried to use RoboForm for an account at a large financial institution, but I couldn’t get it to work…’ A famous person once said, never ask permission, you might get no for an answer, so when I login with my password vault, I use GO TO, not go to and submit, FILL FORMS, not submit, wait a few seconds until the user name and password are filled by the vault, then use the site’s SUBMIT. If the SAVE password has been correctly entered into the vault, this should fool any paranoid site. A correct entry would be to use your browser to go to the login page, type in or paste in both the username and password, hopefully a password that the vault has generated as unique and following the site’s guideline for passwords. ALWAYS keep a copy of the password and username outside the vault and preferably outside of your computer, in other words WRITE IT DOWN immediately. Save the written entries in a safe place.