Kaya Gravitter

You know how I find imaginary love?

I go to listen to a musician play like they’re singing to only me.

I’ve done this for many years.

And I wait for that one second.

that one second the musician locks eyes with mine.

When ours souls magically meet.

I pretend it happened on purpose, like I wasn’t some person in the crowd, like I wasn’t just another fan to make smile.

I take that one second to feel their eyes and energy are only focused on me, and nobody else, because that’s what i want. Like the words they sing and spill from their mouth. I want those words of love.

Those are for me.

I hate being the center of attention for people.

But I do want to be the center of attention for one person.





Questions You Should Stop Asking Domestic Violence Survivors

As a domestic violence survivor, I can tell you that that there are questions that I have been asked that either trigger, sadden, or anger me.

Some of the questions are:

Why didn’t you leave sooner?

Why didn’t you see a couples therapist?

Why didn’t you reach out to anyone?

Don’t you still love him though?

Why did you snitch ?

Do you want to ruin his life?

Are you not the abuser for leaving him?

Are you sure you can’t forgive him?

Are you sure you want to give up on your marriage? I know marriage is hard.

Why would you put yourself in that situation?

Did you report it? Why didn’t you report it? Why are you barely saying something now?



Why Me and So Many Other Women are Done With Dating Apps

So, I recently have had this conversation with several women about Muslim men not being any different than a regular man. They are not more pious. They are not different in their mindset. Point is: men are men…