Gravity v.1 - Fridays in the Fall


In the 1900s Max Planck’s work pioneered the field of Quantum Mechanics, one of the least tangible (so it appears) yet most complexly studied in modern physics. One of Plank’s contemporaries, Austrian scientist Lise Meitner, accidentally discovered atomic fission in 1938 leading to a groundswell of innovation in that field. Going further back, Since Benjamin Franklin famously flew his kite in 1752 electro-magnetics has become well understood.

This awesome power is now easily harnessed and manipulated. Gravity was first identified as a fundamental force when the now legendary apple crashed down on Newton’s head sometime in the 1600s. Unlike the other fields of physics, we still know very little about Gravity. Yet for all fields to be unified we must understand and learn to wield its power.

We do know that all things with mass come together. Recent years have seen a proliferation of cryptocurrencies based off different source codes and all running various protocols but each with the same end in mind- a trustless financial system that disintermediates and eliminates the need for any 3rd party involvement. With so many coins now, the realization of that goal has become mired. Thus far “atomic swaps” have been made between Litecoin<->Bitcoin and Decred<->Litecoin however the prerequisites for these swaps is that they share the same source code (Decred and Litecoin are forks of Bitcoin). Our studies made during the BitcoinZero fork project (HXX + LTC + BTC->BZX) — particularly, exhaustive studies and practice with UTXO coding- brought with them a happy discovery — akin to Meitner’s accidental atom slitting discovery- so will this new Hexxcoin innovation create a groundswell in the blockchain field. A path has been found out of the current crypto quagmire. We now know that we can combine many coins into one, swap over DIFFERENT codes, and integrate ANY coin we want. Hexx is calling this heavy tech “Gravity”. Its effects will be infinite and massive!

Gravity Friday!

This development is in its infancy and we invite all Hexxcoin holders to come along for the first phase of the project by participating in Gravity Fridays! A series of HXX snapshots will result in an ultimate reward for HXX holders. The dates are listed below with percentages. These are HXX snapshots only. The 8 snapshots will combine to make 100% of the snapshot that will count towards the ratio 1 HXX: ? ??. For example, if you have 100 HXX in your wallet on September 21 then 10% or 10 HXX will be allowed against the ratio. If you still have the 100 HXX on the next Friday September 28 then you will receive 11% or 11 HXX will count towards the ratio. So if you only held your HXX in the wallet for the first two Fridays then the combined percentage of your HXX to count towards the ratio is 21 HXX. If you want to receive the maximum potential gains from Gravity v.1 you need to keep your HXX safe and sound in your LOCAL DESKTOP WALLET or WEB WALLET for the next 8 Fridays.

Please note that there is not yet confirmed exchange support for these HexxCoin snapshots.

  • 21 September 10%
  • 28 September 11%
  • 05 October 12%
  • 12 October 12%
  • 19 October 12%
  • 26 October 14%
  • 02 November 14%
  • 09 November 15%

Please participate further by voting with the linked form. You may help choose the first coin to join with Gravity project.

Vote here!

This is simply a preview of what is to come. Look for more technical details on the project in coming weeks including the revelation of the final reward as well as some further explanation of the events on Hexx’s horizon! Hexx will be reshaped by the time we reach Gravity v.2!

Gravity v.2 will introduce a Hexx solution for swap over DIFFERENT codes.

The HexxCoin Team!


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GravityCoin is a multifunctional cryptocurrency with a developing ecosystem consisting of DEX, applications, and multiple-blockchain interactions.

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