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Hexxcoin TakeOver Status Report (3 September 2018)

Having just executed the snapshots for the first official Hexx fork for BitcoinZero (BZX), we stand on the precipice of a new life for Hexxcoin. As we are on the eve of announcing some groundbreaking innovations that will benefit the entire blockchain community we felt that the present is an appropriate and logical time to pause, reflect, and take measure of our accomplishments since the Hexxcoin community takeover launched earlier this year.

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After forking Hexx from ZCoin early in the year it was apparent that we needed to address some critical issues with our blockchain’s functionality. Because at its core, Hexxcoin is the HXX blockchain, we prioritized these infrastructure issues before moving forward. The Hexx Team spent quite some hours on the code upgrades and patches. On May 19, 2018 at block 267625 the Hexxcoin Team successfully updated HXX with a patch to fix the Zerocoin protocol issues. A Cryptographic Flaw in Zerocoin (and Two Critical Coding Issues)

After Zerocoin was enabled the network was found to be unhealthy due to older versions of the Hexx wallet being used. Zerocoin features were temporarily disabled. On July 26, 2018 at block 306000 an update enacted a ban on old versions of the wallet and subsequently reenabled the Zerocoin protocol. With the Zerocoin bugs fixed and zero exploits ever having occurred on the Hexxcoin blockchain — To date this has been the most successful implementation of the Zerocoin protocol in cryptocurrency for use in truly secure anonymous transactions.

Masternodes integration was a concurrent project as the Zerocoin issues were being solved. Integration of masternodes for daily passive income rewards has been a great success. The network currently has 158 active “xnodes” each requiring 2000 HXX and earning a 51.49% ROI. The community strongly voiced a desire for Shared Maternodes hosting. The service is being delivered by Chainsilo.

Quite a few wallet upgrades have been made including TOR wallet integration, Zerocoin Third-party spend, and minor GUI fixes. Whilst our core team was delivering these solutions, elsewhere Hexxcoin was receiving a much needed facelift with a revamp of the Hexx logo, font/color schemes, and website. Our official Discord channel has grown to nearly 3000 members and our Twitter has grown by over that many new users as it nears 5000 followers. Our Facebook following has also grown now to 3400 strong. Regular “Hexxhibitions” have produced a plethora of art and graphics for our community to use in promoting Hexxcoin on these channels.

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In the last 6 months we have added Hexxcoin to four new exchange listings. In addition to Cryptopia where you can still trade, HXX can now be bought and sold on Crypto Bridge, Trade Satoshi, LiveCoin, SistemKoin and Blocknet. Hexx can also be purchased now in some countries using fiat at Indacoin. Please note that YOBIT exchange is still being unresponsive in regards to updating the HXX wallet there from out of maintenance (status it has been in for 6+ months now) therefore we have had CoinMarketCap remove Yobit from our listed exchanges.

Another proud tech development is our decentralized exchange- the HEXXchange! Now in the first part of a phased open beta rollout Hexxchange will operate p2p without any need for a 3rd party nor for any personal information to be stored. Being developed with a keen eye on GDPR compliance (General Data Protection Regulation) you can already check out and use the web wallet. Many lesser savvy users are finding it more comfortable for them to use than setting up the core wallet client. Next will come private trades then public trades and order book. HEXXchange will also serve as a base for Hexx forks and claims.

On August 31st at HXX block 326800 and BTC block 539360 we made successful snapshots of both blockchains to fork the new coin BitcoinZero BZX. We are now in the final phase of completion for that project. Or at least our part in the life of BZX will change dramatically. After we are done testing the BZnodes and release the BZX wallet client to begin the claims process Hexxcoin will entirely hand the project off to the BitcoinZero team. We wish them the best and say Thanks for using Hexx! Stay tuned for further instructions on claiming your BZX.

On August 29th we made a successful test “PREFORK” snapshot of Litecoin LTC and Hexx (at HXX block 325725). As a bonus to those holding HXX in their web or desktop wallets at that time we decided to use the snapshots to create the new coin LiteZero, or LZX, at a ratio of HXX 1:35LZX and LTC1:1LZX. After we deliver BitcoinZero into the hands of the BZX team then the LZnodes will be tested, wallet released, and coin claim will begin. Stay tuned for more information on that process and project.

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The study made in creating these BZX and LZX forks has given the Hexx Team the knowledge to forge a new path for Hexxcoin. And all of cryptocurrency.

Dev007 has said that it is to be “something never seen with cryptocoins”.

So far only the tiniest hint about the earth-shattering new project from Hexxcoin has been disclosed– its name- Gravity. Stay tuned for something heavy.

Hexxcoin official website
2. BitcoinZero official website

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