Gravity Testnet Report 10.06.2018–24.06.2018

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Jun 25, 2018 · 4 min read

Hello everyone!
Last fortnight our team was actively working on the network, developing and improving it. We fixed some small bugs, solved the calculation delay problem (and we’re testing it now), and published several articles and manuals about working with testnet.

Statistics for 10.06.2018–24.06.2018

Number of accounts: 2520 (56 new)

Number of signed blocks: 2 458 262 (1,099,762 new)

Number of transactions: 681 716 (148,716 new)

Number of active witnesses: 25 (2 new)

Number of reserve witnesses: 25

Number of active committee members: 11

Number of reserve committee members: 29

Network Activity Index

In the third week of testing, Network Activity Index was 80, and as a result, 0 ZGV was created.

In the fourth week of testing, Network Activity Index was 30, and as a result, 0 ZGV was created.

For the past two weeks, Network Activity Index was lower than it was previously, and as a result, there was no emission in the blockchain those weeks.


Technical Updates

Due to this desyncing, we moved the heavy part of the calculations to a parallel stream. The calculations will be done the same way, but this way, there will be аn insignificant delay, within reasonable limits. We plan to implement this calculation method on Monday, and it will be tested and approved for an update on Tuesday. At that time, we’ll notify all witnesses to update the software so we can check on how the nodes work. After that we’ll need a lot of transactions to break the last emission record, in order to trigger another emission.. At that point, we’ll see if the system is stable and if there are any bugs to be fixed.

Plans for the future


New user statuses were added to the Gravity Wallet, and here’s also a new module with a referral program. We fixed the adaptive template and some small local bugs. Gravity Wallet design is ready, and now we work on the back-end. We’ll also continue working on stealth-transactions.

Mobile Version

We’re also working on a mobile app for Android and iOS and soon we’ll publish an article on the process of developing the wallet, which we would love to have some feedback on..


We fixed some small bugs. There also will be some refinements related to the referral program.


Links to guidelines were also added which can help users to test the network within their in user account. There is also a new Rewards module, where users can find out, how much they will receive for a specific action.

During these two weeks we’ve also worked on the Gravity website. We updated the copy, added a Technical Paper, refined module where network testing is described, and added links to our bitcointalk and Reddit threads. There’s also a module for fortnight reports now. Wechat was also added to the Chinese version of our website.

Our priority now, is to complete and release stealth-transactions, finalize the referral program and refine adaptability. Next week we’ll start working on new modules of the Gravity Wallet — dashboard, for example, where the data from all accounts will be stored. We will also add a module with information about tokens.


Media Publications about the Gravity Protocol
区块链崭新应用-Gravity Solutions推出公用测试网
区块链崭新应用 — Gravity Solutions 为中小企制订协议和推出公用测试网
区块链崭新应用-GRAVITY SOLUTIONS推出公用测试网
区块链崭新应用 — Gravity Solutions 为中小企制订协议和推出公用测试网
区块链崭新应用-Gravity Solutions推出公用测试网
区块链崭新应用 Gravity Solutions 为中小企制订协议和推出公用测试网
分散式賬本解決方案 區塊鏈的嶄新應用
分散式賬本解決方案 區塊鏈的嶄新應用
分散式賬本解決方案 區塊鏈的嶄新應用

📢 Gravity Launches Public Testnet

Gravity Testnet Report 25.05.2018–08.06.2018

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