Bye, bye Adobe.
rami james

Personally really upset about something way more simple. Delivery on what you promised, not on the latest feature!

There was a promise on the release of CC that once I went to the CC Adobe Subscription I would be sync’d and maintain my settings, plugins, brushes…ETC. This promise is still not a reality as of CC2015!

Sure my machines are sync’d, but every major release requires me to re-establishing my windows, caches/scratch disks, plugins, and settings.

I still do a clean install of Windows nearly every other major release because of issue with their updates leaving so much cruft around. The FACT that every PS update I have to change my preference for CTRL-W to be saved for web says quite a bit. I’m a power users in After Effects, PS, AI, and even use the code editor in DW which on more than one occasion had me nearly laughed out of a room (mainly because they don’t just build the best IDE they can, but always add in some sort of web design tool).

It is a significant trouble to get all my settings just right every time and I have lost settings and procedures I really liked along the way.

I have a docked way to verify my license, download apps, buy assets from Adobe, have virtual fonts it is not the same as what was the promise of never loosing your settings! It’s not what Adobe offered, they have not delivered!

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