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Just stomach-churning that he and his ilk can sit there and with a straight face just lie under oath straight to camera. 
Decades of practice I guess.

It is simply not credible that he is ‘unaware’ of the global half a trillion dollars in annual taxpayers subsidies that the fossil fuel corporations scoop up.

In 2013 Shell actually got a $117 million dollar tax REBATE in the USA alone. And then we get insulted by their legions of paid shills — that they spend more millions financing — spamming their “Oil is taxed everywhere” nonsense.

These sociopaths and their 50 cents per post online shills should stand trial in the near future. It is difficult to imagine a more repulsive crime than deliberately and knowingly lying about the effects of carbon emissions so a few hundred billionaires can make a few more billion while global ecosystems begin to collapse before our eyes.

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