Neon lights with inspirational quotes (Kiss Me!), sensually oscillating images of roses and white dots, vibrant colors from floor to ceiling–as soon as you enter this exhibition, you know: this is the perfect place for an Instagram photo.

Cinderella Universe

Cinderella, known as an ancient fairy tale, a classic 1950 Disney movie, and countless modern adaptations, has been undergoing an interpretative evolution. It is seen by some as a very feminist, tenacious, and kind female character. Naturally, the story is being re-interpreted in art, as well.

Cinderella Universe is the title of an ongoing exhibition at the K Museum of…

A “stack”, as used in software development, can be defined as a combination of technologies that work well together to create full-fletched applications. In this article, I share my view of where blockchain technology can fit into this concept and what it is still missing.

Why do developers care about stacks?

Making applications is difficult. Even if we ignore all the design and marketing work going into successful apps, there are many layers of technology that have to be combined to be able to offer an integrated user experience.

With traditional web applications, the user’s first point of interaction is their browser. It displays a webpage…

Introducing the Aergo Connect API, a lightweight method to enable websites to communicate with the Aergo Connect browser extension in a secure and privacy-preserving way.


Aergo Connect is currently the only officially supported graphical wallet to manage Aergo native accounts. It supports the core use cases for token holders, but can’t do much else.

Even though Aergo’s long term UX vision is that wallets are not necessary for dapp end users, or at least don’t require additional software installation, for now we need a simple way to enable developers to build and test web apps, both official and third-party…

We outline the history of blockchain wallets, Aergo’s vision for dapp user experience (UX), and the main use cases for Aergo Connect, Aergo’s own browser wallet.

What’s a wallet?

A wallet in the field of blockchains and cryptocurrencies is, most fundamentally, a software that manages a user’s accounts in a safe manner. Blockchains are typically based on private-public-key security, so the piece of information a wallet needs to keep safe and make available to the user is the private key.

Once you have an account on a blockchain, you want to check your balances and initiate transactions. This is fairly…

When performing asynchronous actions, sometimes it is hard to predict how long they will take. This can be a problem for the user experience. When you click “Submit pizza order” but the page changes much slower or faster than you expected, you wonder what’s going on. That’s why it is a good idea to handle these cases explicitly in a user interface.

For example, when the operation is slow, you might want to display some indicator to let the user know it is still processing (“Pizza order still processing, hang in there!”). On the other hand, if the operation was…

When conducting within-subjects experiments where you want to expose each participant to all conditions, possible problems might arise from order or carry-over effects: the order of the conditions might influence the participants’ responses, for example due to fatigue or practice. To counter this to some extent, we can change the order of the conditions for every participant, record it, and later analyze its effects.

Full counter balancing would need n! different ordering sequences, which can become impractical very quickly. If we have 4 conditions or stimuli, we can arrange them in 24 different ways. …

Over the course of the past semester, we, a student project from Technical University of Berlin, engaged in making a Chess game for Ethereum, a blockchain-based distributed computing platform.

The project was overseen by the TU department of Information Systems Engineering and Dr. Christian Reitwiessner from the Ethereum foundation.

The goal of the project was to develop a real application using the available tools and evaluate challenges and advantages of this new platform.

In this first article, we will explain the application we made, and go into detail about the main lessons learned. …

Paul Grau

UX & Frontend engineer

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