What your favorite selfie says about your personality

These days, it seems like selfies are everywhere! You can’t even go on The Facebook without seeing at least one selfie. Pretty soon, you will be required to instagram post a selfie onto your resume to even apply for a job! And in this job market, hoo buddy, you need every advantage you can get. Here is a list of different selfies to try so that you can find which one best compliments your personality!

Car Selfie

You are an active person on the go, but you make sure you look good when you head into the matinee showing of Paul Blart: Mall Cop II.

Gym Selfie

You have accidentally been locked inside a gym for weeks. You’re scared and hungry, but you’ve never looked better.

Amish Selfie

Oh God no! The camera has stolen your soul!

Cute pet selfie

You love animals and you’re not returning the dog. It’s yours now. Finders keepers.

“Duckface” selfie

There is a ghost squishing your face.

BFF selfie

You are fun, chill people who want to see what it might look like if you glued your faces together.

Woke-up-like-this selfie!

Messy and unkempt. Does anything say self-esteem more than a makeup-less selfie? Maybe if you put the selfie on a blimp and circled the mall a few times.

Beach Selfie

You refuse to let your partner know you have mermaid legs for fear it would ruin your marriage.

Dorian Grey selfie

You have made a deal with the devil where your selfie ages with every soul-corrupting sin.

Looking away from camera selfie

Whoa! Look over there! A blimp just crashed into the mall’s movie theater where they are playing Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

Paul selfie

You replaced the real Paul McCartney when he was murdered in 1966.

“In the club” selfie

You died in a blimp accident and have gone to Hell which is actually a club.