We’re often surprisingly good at things we don’t care that much about

Rear view of a woman in a red dress playing the piano.

SShould you suddenly find yourself with more time on your hands, perhaps for pandemic-related reasons, consider this: Studies have found that enjoyable leisure activities are actually good for your health.

In this cultural moment when we’re all trying to be really good at a lot of things, it can be…

This Works for Me

I joke that my plants are “my sons,” “my co-workers,” “my therapy animals,” but it’s not entirely untrue

AsAs a freelance writer, sometimes I forget to leave the house, and I had been cooped up for 48 hours when I stepped out into my backyard to try working outside. Still, under the open sky, I hunched over my laptop screen, mindlessly clicking back and forth between a dozen…

The most effective way to get your friends through every job interview, high-stakes pitch, or meeting with a scary boss

Situation: Your friend or co-worker is 10 minutes out from a crucial job interview, a high-stakes client pitch, or an annual review with their scary boss. They text you that they’re feeling nervous, anxious, panicked. Do you text back: a) “You’ve got this!”; b) “You’ve got this. Don’t be nervous!”…

In August 2018, I spent four days hiking a 40-mile route through Grand Teton National Park, and another five days and 50 miles through Yellowstone National Park with my husband, Dane. Each night at camp, I wrote in a weatherproof notebook (one of these — thanks, Muriel!). …

Gray Chapman

Freelance writer. www.graywrites.com

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