We’re often surprisingly good at things we don’t care that much about

Rear view of a woman in a red dress playing the piano.
Photo: Ariane Hoehne/EyeEm/Getty Images

This Works for Me

A day bath? In this economy? Capitalism makes the idea appalling.

Illustration: Andrea Chronopoulos

This Works for Me

I joke that my plants are “my sons,” “my co-workers,” “my therapy animals,” but it’s not entirely untrue

Illustration: Albert Tercero

An age-old product gets a thoroughly modern, deeply weird, and potentially dangerous makeover

Illustration by Johanna Walderdorff

The internet’s favorite diet has a dark side

Illustration: Jaeha Kim

The most effective way to get your friends through every job interview, high-stakes pitch, or meeting with a scary boss

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

That’s me! (Most pictures by Dane, except the less-than-stellar ones, which are by me.)

Gray Chapman

Freelance writer. www.graywrites.com

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