This isn’t about "white people control the media". This is about a media which continually pushes the nationalist and ultimately pro-fascist ideology that violence against the "vulk" or citizen, is somehow more despicable than violence against “the other.”

Let me explain…

The Nazi empire, the Dutch/Belgian empire, the British empire were atrociously anti-human. But time and again, the Germans are the only ones demonized by western schools and media. Just like Johnstone says, this is because they conquered "fellow" Europeans -- committing the mortal sin of fratricide. People trapped in this nationalist paradigm are forced to argue about whether German Jews were German, as if that makes genocide better or worse…

In this narrative, Nazis aren’t bad for subjugating people, carrying out genocide. They’re bad for attacking their neighbors, their fellow countryman. Why this narrative though? Who gains from that spin?

Well, it’s all about anti-communism. That narrative is always used against communists for fighting civil wars against their own ruling class, as if casting off the yolk is bad because of the magical brotherhood of nationality.
These nationalist, liberal/fascist narratives curated by the private media are meant to equivocate nazism to communism. They flatten class by painting the world in terms of different countries only.

Nazism was carried out against the broad masses of people, subjugating and murdering millions of people, for the benefit of German (and even American and British) private financiers and industrialists. Communism is carried out by the broad masses of people for their benefit, to overthrow those private financiers and industrialists. But in this narrative, they’re the same because they’re going after fellow countrymen. Even though the classes winning the wars and who benefits are utterly opposite.

See how media treats isolated "evil" Cuba and the DPRK for "repressing their own" (a lie) vs "beautiful" fascist Israel for "civilizing Palestinians" (a lie).

Ultimately, the private media supports liberal/fascist equivocation of nazism to communism because it protects the interests of Wall Street, which is all they’re really interested in. It’s not white supremacy for the sake of white supremacy. They don’t just love white Ukraine and hate brown Yemen because of racism. It’s about their investments.

Russia’s "invasion" is bad, they’ll tell us, because it’s attacking blond haired blue eyed Europeans, but they didn’t care about that when Biden helped coup Ukraine in 2014, or when the NATO-aligned Ukraine government killed 14000 people directly through armed force, or when the Ukraine government cut of these “white” people’s food and water. Because they really don’t care about race. The media defends NATO expansion and IMF colonization, and that’s all they care about.



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