And that’s all obvious and sensible.
Ryder Spearmann

Ehh… a chimp study about what types of toys males and females are generally drawn to means we’re JUST getting started.

Also, science has always had ‘agendas’… it’s not uncommon for dogma and bias to exist either since people are behind it and everyone is prone to those things. Didn’t they use to think African Americans were inferior intellectually and less human and more like apes? Yeah… so much for that. An activist in science wouldn’t make that worse either way. I read her whole article, it was mostly really good. She also admitted to her bias and it’s easy to spot it.

For example, I don’t like the part where she implies that sex (as opposed to gender) isn’t binary when it largely is (exceptions aren’t the rule, and 30% is still little compared to 70%).

In the end, the truth will prevail. We just gotta give it time.