If You Look for Them, You Will Find New Beginnings in Your Endings
Srinivas Rao

I totally agree with your writing. I can really relate with your thought. Thank you for writing.. really.

It reminded me about 5 years ago, I faced the worst age of my life. My mom got hit by a taxi and I have to help to pay the surgery, while my mom is still on wheelchair, my dad was hospitalized in HCU (High Care Unit). Not long after my partner in the office have to take a long break due to another surgery. While I run the design office, I do some freelance wedding photographer to make some money to keep my life floating. And, my camera broke down on somebody’s wedding. And it cost me quite a lot to repair. Then, my girlfriend during that period, dump me. On my birthday.

I also have a small business with my older brother, that got robbed blind on a public holiday and we lost everything that day.

All those happened in a span of 6 months period.

And then, On March 2013, I started over.

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