“You’re going to have to kill me.”
Ryan Carson

I am 27, and, was relieved to see that you, for 32 years, experienced that sense that, deep down, you’d quit when things got really tough, as this is something I feel like I am still sorting out. I think there’s some definite truth to discovering the why,

I’ve (formerly) used Treehouse to add to skillsets I had given up on in college, and still faced that sense of quitting when I got confused or felt set back with a course. How do I overcome that? Is it simply a lack of WHY? I am not entirely sure—despite knowing that acquiring and growing a certain skillset could truly be life changing for me.

So, I suppose, I am left with working out the why, which, I’d hope, becomes a driver towards creating a life I want regardless of the obstacles I might run into.

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