How I Figured Out What I Wanted To Do

Questions like “What are your strengths?” or “Why are you the best candidate for the job?” are cliche, yet consistent questions in a job interview. While the answers to these questions typically aren’t overly helpful to an HR manager looking to make a hire, they do raise interesting questions for the interviewee: do we really know what we’re good at or what makes us a great candidate for a job? Heck, do we even know what makes us a good spouse/friend/co-worker/etc? Personally, I always dreaded statements such as: “so tell me more about yourself.”

All too often we grow up being told what we should be good at. We hear people refer to us with personality describing words like “extroverted/introverted” or statements like “that’s totally first born child behavior.” From the day we begin to speak and understand language, we begin to build an understanding of who we are, or least think we are.

I grew up in a family of introverts. My father and mother were leaders and executive level thinkers, but were fairly introverted. Because of this, I always assumed I was the same. I told myself I have an “on” button and that’s why I’m so good around strangers and groups of people but thought that secretly it drained me. Then one day that all changed. A friend introduced me to something called Professional Dynametric Programs, or PDP for short.

PDP is a personal assessment tool like none I had ever experienced. Strength Finder, DISC, Myers-Briggs were all intriguing, but never really provided enough practical information to impact my life. They left me saying and feeling things like “close, but there’s so much more.” PDP was the first time I felt a tool like this could truly impact and change the course of my life.

PDP is designed to help businesses hire, manage and build teams right. For this purpose, it’s indisputably the best tool I have encountered. The gold mine of this tool though, lies heavily in the personal development side of things. Helping people know themselves and grow themselves has always been something that I wanted to be a part of. When I was introduced to PDP I realized that it was a very attainable goal.

Since being introduced to the tool I quit my job as a regional sales and operations manager for a Complete Nutrition franchise, and launched my own company, zLIFEsolutions. zLIFEsolutions is a company that helps organizations take full advantage of their most valuable asset: people. For us, an obvious branch of this is helping individuals realize that not only is who they are okay, it’s actually great. Realizing my potential of helping organizations hire better, manage better and build their teams better through this tool is exhilarating. The deeper level of that, helping people know themselves and grow themselves excites me to no end. My goal with Medium is to share my experiences along the way, create new contacts and hopefully share valuable info that can help organizations and individuals become the best “them” they can be. I’m so looking forward to sharing and connecting.