A Trip to the History and Products of Tommy Hilfiger

Whenever you come across a rectangular logo with red, blue and white colors, then it’s definitely the official logo of the renowned fashion brand, Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger has earned the position of being world’s leading provider of a wide range of products, starting from men’s, kids’ and women’s wear, footwear, accessories and denim. Not only this, the brand is also licensed to sell home furnishing products, fragrances, watches and eyewear.

History of the world leading brand

The company is named after its owner and pioneer, Thomas Jacob Hilfiger. He began working at the age of 18 in a clothes shop. Later on, he went bankrupt and came to New York where he got the job of assistant designer at Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis. However, he started working for Chris Cortes and presented his very first collection, registered under his own name. Thus, from then onwards, Tommy Hilfiger become a popular brand name and established its branches in several locations. So, even if you are living in Australia, don’t worry. You would definitely get the branded products of Tommy Hilfiger in Australia.

Tommy Hilfiger delivers its products throughout the world under the brand names of Hilfiger Denim and Tommy Hilfiger. As stated above, the company became a provider of a wide range of products, starting from men’s, kids’ and women’s wear, footwear, accessories, denim, home furnishing products, fragrances, watches and eyewear.

  • Tommy Hilfiger: This is the main line of the company that is greatly influenced by the classic American fashion.
    • Hilfiger Denim: This line of products is basically more casual and apart from jeans, comprise of footwear, accessories, bags, eyewear and fragrances.
    • Tommy Hilfiger Tailored: Here, the styles vary from casual wears to formal suits, adhering to its motto “precision fit, rich colors, updated cuts, premium fabrics and luxe details.
    • Hilfiger Collection: This line of products is meant for the females and amalgamates the classic with the modern styles.

What is so great about the brand?

You might have heard people saying that the brand is just like other available and reputed brands. So what makes it so special or great? The products of Tommy Hilfiger do not relate to the style due to its simplicity which can be seen even through its logo that is quite simple just like any other logo. The simplicity of the products, despite its style, speaks for the brand.

Being in possession of a Tommy Hilfiger product is something to feel proud about. If you are searching for the products of Tommy Hilfiger across Australia, simply use the internet for finding out the stores offering those products. There are even several online stores where you can find the Tommy Hilfiger range of products at reasonable prices.