Photo Credit: Kumar Appaiah

Texas Senate to Ban Body Positive Movement?

By Gloria Rabil Bankler

Texas State Senator Jane Nelson announced a bill Friday which will prohibit women from praising themselves in public or private. S.B. 1919 specifically states “Women of any age, race, or religion are prohibited from noticing aloud things about their person which could be perceived as praising themselves.” It also states, “Women are prohibited from noticing aloud those things which they find attractive about other women.”

The bill comes as a last minute effort to prevent rising health care costs in Texas. Nelson said, “If women think their bodies are fine the way they are, then they’ll get complacent and won’t work to be healthier. We already have an obesity epidemic in this country. It will only get worse if we let this continue.” She claims body positive sites such as, Stop Hating Your Body and The Militant Baker are the fuel to a fire most of the Texas Senate agree needs to be put out.

“Laziness is the only result of acceptance, and that is unacceptable. We don’t need to change everything about our society. We can’t get lenient about every lifestyle, it’s a dangerous, slippery slope. This is what we mean when we say gay rights lead to bad things. This is not what God wants. He wants us to take care of our bodies. Discipline and shame are the tools we have to do that.” Lt. Governor Dan Patrick said.

Sen. Charles Schwertner expressed his concern for the body positive movement, after we explained what it was, saying, “It seems gone are the days when women knew what is best for them. They were fat when told so, pretty when told so, and spoke when we encouraged them to do so. No woman needs to get uppity thinking she can do better without someone to tell her she can.” Schwertner said, slamming his fist on the table.

Lt. Governor Patrick placed a last-minute addition to the bill which states “Women are also prohibited from discussing the size of a man’s penis or his relationship with his mother.”

Gloria Rabil Bankler is a writer of different things, including this little piece of satire.