Stop your garden from dying and being ugly through fall and winter. Now is the time to convert your garden and there are plenty of planting options for your winter garden. gathered the following winter garden planting information to help keep your garden flourishing throughout the cold months.

Winter Garden Plants by Hardiness Zone

Plant species have adapted themselves to thrive in their native regions. Meanwhile, the USDA Hardiness Zone Map divides the U.S. into 10 zones based on their average annual minimum winter temperature.

A plant can thrive outside of its native region as long as the hardiness zone of its new location is…

Did you know that cacti and succulents have soil, light, and water requirements? While both succulents and cacti store their own water, you can’t simply put them in a sunny corner and forget about them. These seemingly autonomous plants have some specific needs that may come as a surprise to you. gathered essential species information and growing tips to help you care for your cacti and succulents.

Succulent and Cactus Definition

In botany, succulent plants are those that have thick, fleshy parts (with a swollen appearance) that have the capability and are meant to retain water. By this definition, all cacti are considered…

Your tomato plants are susceptible and can die if you don’t know how to detect and react to blight and leaf spot infections.

Tomato blight and leaf spot are common problems that all tomato growers have been or will be faced with. Knowing how to treat these diseases will help you avoid losing your entire crop. gathered essential information on tomato plant leaf spot, early blight, late blight, and how to treat them.

Tomato Plant Leaf Spot — Signs and Treatment

Known as Septoria lycopersici, tomato leaf spot is a worldwide problem that affects tomato plants at any stage of development.

These are some of the primary…

Is your tree quietly dying? Your tree’s blackening trunk, dieback, or drooping crown could be from Phytophthora disease, commonly known as a water mold, which causes root rot.

Root rot caused by Phytophthora disease is a worldwide agricultural problem affecting everything from crops to home gardens. This disease, when diagnosed, can be controlled with simple treatments and prevention measures.

In this, article, we detail this disease, its symptoms, treatment, and preventative measures.

What Is Phytophthora Disease?

Phytophthora disease is a plant pathogen that spreads to trees and plants by contaminating their roots. …

Is there a better solution, or do you really feel safe eating from a garden that is sprayed with those long chemical names that appear on the back of pesticide bottles?

The use of harsh chemical pesticides can unintentionally harm your loved ones or pets and is horrible for the environment. Use homemade non-toxic pesticides to keep your garden free of unwanted pests. gathered information about pesticides and gives you easy, non-toxic recipes for making them at home.

Pesticide Definition

The word pesticide is a general term used to describe many compounds which are used to control various types of pests…

Winter is not a death sentence for your garden and outdoor plants, but they need your help as they endure frequent frosts and freezing temperatures during the winter months.

Plants slow down in the winter months and are susceptible to frost damage, ground freeze, and death. You can help them through it with simple actions before and during the cold season.

In this article, offers overwintering tips, plant and soil information, how to protect your plants, and answers frequently asked questions about plant survival in the wintertime.

Watering Plants to Prevent Frost Damage

Dry soil in winter is one of the deadliest factors during the…

Tired of the typical houseplant? Stop throwing away those mango seeds, and after you’ve made your salad, smoothie, or just eaten the mango, clean off that seed and grow a mango tree!

Mangoes aren’t just a delight to consume, the tree that sprouts from the seed is a marvel and gratifying gardening project for the whole family to enjoy.

In this article we walk you through the steps and offer insightful tips on how to grow a stunning mango tree indoors.

How to Sprout a Mango Seed

If you have the option between farm-fresh (fruit stand) or grocery store bought mango, go with the farm-fresh…

For those of you with a garden, or if you want to start one, you should know that there are some plants that should be included in your plans. Planting the following species of shrubs and plants is an excellent idea, as they can bring many benefits to your garden.

If you are wondering what these types of plants are that you should include in your garden, compiled a list of ten large shrubs and plants that you should have in your garden.

Ten Plant and Shrub Species for a Beautiful Garden

1. Lilac — These are excellent flowering shrubs that are planted in many gardens. You should…

The wilting, yellowing and dropping of leaves that lead to plant death in your garden (or landscape) may be the result of Fusarium wilt disease (Fusarium oxysporum or F. oxysporum).

In this article, we detail this disease, symptoms, treatment, control measures, and possible future benefits of this global pandemic known as Fusarium Wilt.

What Is Fusarium Wilt Disease?

Fusarium wilt disease is a fungal organism which spreads to plants by entering younger more vulnerable roots. This disease has the ability to survive for years in the soil, and is easily spread by insects, gardening tools, and even by water.

Hot weather, dry soil, and…

Bonfires are a salient way to get rid of perennial weeds, grass, diseased leaves, and twigs and branches that are too thick to put through a wood chipper. You can easily get rid of your garden debris if you are not one for a compost pit. And, the best part is after your bonfire dies and the embers fade into obscurity, you get a valuable byproduct that can be used in your garden. This byproduct is ash.

Importance of Wood Ash

Wood ash is replete with potassium and is an important nutrient for your plants, trees, and shrubs. It helps regulate water in the…

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