The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Chatbots
Matt Schlicht

I first read about bots around 6 months ago when we started using Slack in the company I worked for.

Since then I read a ton of articles about bots, conversational interfaces, messengers etc. Yours is definitely one of the nicest wrap ups I read. Easy to read, to the point. I have the impression that much of this ‘hype’ (is it hype?) was possible due to the deep neural networks progress. However, looking the history of AI I remember the huge disappointment with classical neural networks and I wonder if the story is about to repeat.

Anyway, I am very much into this movement. I tried building a Slack Retro Bot (discontinued) and I’ve started blogging about bots recently. My last article is a fun guide to building slack bot. It would be great to hear your opinion. And I hope you don’t mind sharing the link. I think it’s a relevant suplement to your article.

Btw… I wonder when will agencies start hiring Chatbot Developers ;)


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