11 Examples of Conversational Commerce and Chatbots
Michael Quoc

Nice one, many apps I didn’t know about before like Operator or Magic. I actually regret I haven’t bumped onto this article earlier… I just published a list of messengers, too. Slightly different perspective, though. More of a: which ones can be a good option from a developer’s point of view. Have a look if you fancy: http://greatdaytocode.com/bots/12-messaging-platforms-developers-can-build-chatbots-and-integrations-for/

Hmm… now when I think about it Snapchat was such an obvious tool and I forgot about it :D

It would be nice to read a comparison of the API capabilities. I thougt to give it a go on my own, but not sure if I have the time. Anyway, it’s just an idea. Cheers!

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