How I Became a Tech Writer

Back in the day, I was a liberal arts major from a respected liberal arts university. I was thinking of becoming a lawyer, so I took many classes in math, logic, english, and writing. However, what I really enjoyed was working on my university’s weekly newspaper which had (at that time) the latest in technology (I know you are going to laugh) featuring Apple MacIntosh computers with software like early versions of Office and Pagemaker. So, when I graduated from school, I returned to school and completed a professional programming class certified by IBM and from there I went into the world of IT (Information Technology). The first eight years of my IT career involved a mix of jobs and responsibilities, but one common task was having to write user guides and instructional documents showing people how to accomplish tasks with the computer using different programs. So, eventually this evolved into what is my full-time career today — Technical Writing. Not only do I work as a Technical Writer, but I also do some freelance writing as a Technology and Motivational Author on the side. You can check out my books at:

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Keith Charles Johnson, MBA, MS Education, CSPO
Senior Technical Writer, Technology Author, Software Trainer
Hollywood, Florida, USA

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