Small Business Giveaway: Win 10 Best-Selling Business Books

San Diego, CA — As part of its investment in the small business community, long-time SEO services company RankPay are running a small business giveaway that offers one lucky entrepreneur the chance to win 10 top-selling books on business and marketing.

The prize is a killer combination of marketing and business-focused books penned by revered industry leaders. From Seth Godin to Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk to Robert Greene. Each book has been recommended again and again for the powerful information contained within their pages.

The press routinely gives praise to the authors of these books:

“It’s easy to see why people pay to hear what he has to say.” -Time

“Thousands of authors write business books every year, but only a handful reach star status and the A-list lecture circuit. Fewer still-one, to be exact-can boast his own action figure. . . . Godin delivers his combination of counterintuitive thinking and a great sense of fun.” -BusinessWeek

Read it, and do yourself a big favor. Your future will thank you!” -Alan Webber, Founder, Fast Company

“This is what the future of work (and the world) looks like. Actually, it’s already happening around you.” -Tony Hsieh, CEO,

RankPay is an SEO company that focuses on helping small business owners grow their business. Recently, they launched a social media management service that gives entrepreneurs an easy and affordable way to manage social media. More recent news from RankPay is their hosting partner program that allows hosting companies to offer SEO services and earn a recurring revenue.

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