Timeshare Owners, Sellers and Tours Lists, Leads and Databases For Sale

The webpage http://www.TheListWiz.NET/consumer/timeshare/ showcases marketing lists and databases of names, addresses, phones and emails of people who own or toured or are interested in selling a Timeshare.

These databases enable you to find qualified Timeshare prospects to market to. If you market to timeshare owners or timeshare prospects in the USA, you will find these lists are your ticket to profitability and great ROI.

Millions of leads are in stock. Here are some of the databases available:

- “Rare” Resort Owners and Tours — 62,200 — Tour No Buys — Over 1 Million — “Contract Leads” 40,000 Timeshares Still For Sale — Owners/Renters/Tours of Wyndham, RCI, Disney, Marriott, Hilton — Canadians Timeshare Owners and Travellers — 50,000 — Misc Timeshare Owners and Sellers — Millions available.

Gene Gill, owner of TheListWiz.NET, expressed excitement over these lists. He said “it took pulling some strings to get my hands on such high quality, recent databases”. He continues that each list includes at least one contact point: postal, phone or email. Many leads have 2 or more contact points. Most include Resort Location and Date as well. You will receive these lists in csv format which opens in excel.

For more info, contact at the following:

Contact: Gene Gill

Company Name: TheListWiz

Contact number: 760–237–0071

Email: info@TheListWiz.NET

Postal Address: PO BOX 4447 Oceanside, California 92116 USA

Webpage: http://www.thelistwiz.net/consumer/timeshare/

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