Methodology to Battle Back Negativity — Issue #42

What do I do with negative folks? Ignore and outperform. Narrowing my focus on things I control, taking care ignoring those I can’t.

I’d bet a buck that there are more than a few in our Education Hunt with enough to say grace over.

I’m no Sisyphus, complaining as I’m tortured by my tasks. I don’t think some people understand. It’s never been about getting the rock to the top of the mountain. If I made it to the top, I’d push the boulder back down myself. Planning. Preparing. Battling.

17 days until the Summer break. Enjoy the moment, and the resources as you push this rock to the finish line.

Atlas homescreen 192x192

Atlas | Popular charts — 
 The new home for charts and data, powered by Quartz.

The fidgety junior in your 1a class spends five minutes a day reading for fun. The miserable part? 5 minutes invested into click bait article on Facebook doesn’t bring her any closer to passing the AP exam next Thursday.

The production possibility charts embedded in your 2004 Economics textbook isn’t winning beauty contests. The engagement battle is waged on a field where securing resources is your clearest path to victory.

Atlas Charts provides much need ammo in the war of wills. Yours is stronger.

Charts are indexed, searching for content takes no time. Once you find a gem, it’s your call on how to present data.

Download an image, slap it into an existing powerpoint. Embed charts on your website. Level up on your nerd status, download the data as an excel file. Atlas Chart is your key, ready and waiting to open the gates of engagement.

Oh shit

Murphy’s Law Calculator —

It was a hot dark Tuesday night in March, and the assistant principal couldn’t stop hacking. No air conditioning, a crowd craving answers, and for sure there wasn’t a Hall’s cough drop to be found.

Every red moon you have to take one on the chin. There are worse things happening, but that doesn’t change the temperature in the cafetorium.

Successful planning drilled down is risk mitigation. Failing to plan is an invite to experience the trials of Murphy’s Law.

Turn the tide on your next level ten meeting with Murphy’s Law Calculator. Helping to calculate the likelihood of IT hitting the fan, the calculator keeps your blue chinos clean. Plan ahead and there’s no need to get dirty.

Rank your planning factors…

URGENCY, IMPORTANCE, COMPLEXITY, SKILL, FREQUENCY. Vote on each, using a scale of 1–9. Mash submit, receive a score on the likelihood of failure to launch.

Plan accordingly. Risk mitigation simplified. Boom.


Readsy —

Readsy makes reading large amounts of text at crazy fast speeds possible.

“Spritz offers an alternative text delivery approach that makes reading focused and easy.”

Focusing on the alignment of words with the rhythm of reading allows users to consume massive amounts of words in modest blocks of time.

Learn more about the science for yourself. Don’t want to read a page? Another reason you should check out Readsy for yourself. Read more in less time.

Readsy battles on two fronts. Adults read an average number of words per minute(wpm) somewhere in the range between 200–350 wpm. Readsy is like dropping a tank of rocket fuel for your reading tank, users can read up to 800 wpm. If dropping the hammer and flooring it is your fancy, Readsy will get you there.

Reading fast certainly has it’s place. Between flag football Thursday’s, Ballet Wednesday’s, hip hop dance Friday, and coaching Saturday games… I’m not tearing through books the way I once did.

For the girl in your World History class struggling to remained focused on text, Readsy could be a game changer. Nevermind speed, think precision. Readsy displays one word at a time, inside a static box, allowing users to focus and remain engaged.

Identifying words requires time for word comprehension plus the physical act moving eye’s back and forth require significant effort for traditional reading. Students with processing deficits, Readsy could be a bridge to better understanding.

Check out this video to view a Readsy eye tracking demo.

Start shredding the stack of books on your night stand using Readsy. Better yet, share Readsy with your students. Let us know what you think on Twitter.