Semantic HTML and Accessibility.

What is the essence of creating a website for users yet they find it very hard accessing it? What do you think their experience will be at first? How do you think they will rate your web App or mobile app? will they ever visit again?

The above questions and its answers form the importance of this topic “Understanding Semantic HTML and Accessibility”. Understanding how to make use of semantic HTML is paramount for every developer in order to make their web and mobile applications accessible by all users including special people with disabilities.

First, what is ACCESSIBILITY?

According to MDN, “Accessibility is the…

My Journey Through Tech…

Written as it transpired, not filtered or fabricated as most people will do, because I told myself that “I won’t despise the days of my little beginning” no matter the level I will get to in the future, because my story can motivate someone so why not keep it real…

My teach Journey should have started a long time ago in 2013 before when it finally kick-started last year August 2019 i.e during my 6 months of Industrial Training. A lot of things discouraged or should I say hindered me; firstly it was the first programming language (Java) I was…

Except you have not been making payments online, accepting payments from within and abroad, paying bills, managing your bank accounts or you have probably been in the underworld for a while now without a technology to let you know the happenings on planet earth that you have not heard about Flutterwave Payments Solution. But If you have not, just grab a cup of coffee and chill because this article got you covered. Yes!


  • What is Flutterwave?
  • Who need Flutterwave payments solution?
  • Their Products

— — ->Rave

— — →Barter

  • Achievements
  • Pros and Cons
  • Flutterwave Partners
  • Flutterwave API and how to…

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